I've Been In My Mind Too Long

by DarkoTheSuper

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"Darko cheats death! Huh? You’re like a celebrity man! I’ve been calling you like a jillion times, where you been?"

"I've Been In My Mind Too Long."

The story of the man who learned to walk around inside his own head. A prisoner of anger and fear, rejected by society. Can the superhero save himself? Or will he simply teach himself not to dream? As he travels through the maze in these spine-tingling adventures, feeling down and out, will he take the dive...and love? Or does he choose to eat that poison apple to be free? Stay tuned to find out if Darko can truly kill The Devil...

Review: hiphopspeakeasy.com/2013/06/premiere-darkothesuper-ive-been-in-my-mind-too-long-2013/


released 25 June 2013

Darko - soundcloud.com/darkothesuper
Doc Heller - soundcloud.com/doc-heller
All These Fingers - soundcloud.com/allthesefingers
Simbrula Nox - soundcloud.com/starchildluke
Jay Kubes - soundcloud.com/kubes-tha-boom-bap-masta
Ezeroh1 - soundcloud.com/eon1
Cauzndefx - soundcloud.com/cauzndefx
Artwork by Sunday Morning - sundaymorninglovesyou.com

Mixed and Mastered by Evan "Darko" Souza

"Suicide is never the answer, little trooper." - Charles De Mar



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Track Name: I've Been In My Mind Too Long
I've been in my mind too long/ searching to find a song/ writing rhymes to right my wrongs/ trying to out run the jet engine/ and twist ending/ sending tingling vibes down spines/ try the wine/ get your popcorn and skittles and figure out these riddles/ I'm twisted in the middle of fear and love/ cut off my ear wipe up the blood/ fast forward to your favorite scene of life/ chasing dreams down the pipe/ rock the mic right/ from left field coming outa sight/ psychiatric classic/ Joseph Campbell flip/ hope you can handle it/ my death shall not be in vain/ feel the loners pain/ only in it cos I've heard angst pays/ suffering teenage years without a friend, made me who I am/ raised under the bridge by the lake where I lived off the grass and fish/ I don't have any feelings, but I'm dealing/ begin the healing process/ way too honest for the weak stomach filled with Cocoons/ tender youth in bloom/ suicides too soon/ and mainstream/ faith seems to escape my grip/ as it slips off the never ending cliff/ I'm fucked up on life/ stuck in limbo after the dive/ but soon the love will rise/ good verses evil/ devils infested the heads of the people/ drowning in this glass box/ gamble it all away and can't stop/ the weirdo had enough/ pretended to be a superhero just for the rush/ the worst part was waking up/ cos imagination could never be real/ no matter what deal you make with that serpent in your head/ your only dreaming and never dead/ fed up with the vanilla sky/ pinch yourself till you realize this whole time you only truly lived inside your mind
Track Name: The Super Is Coming On
As the leaves turn red and brown I burn down the throne and wear the crown/ some frown and cry but I sing instead/ the king is dead/ as the villainous strings build/ blood spilled I found my thrill on killah hill/ top billing God's children used to smoke angel dust up on snake mountain/ now they stay doubting the real/ explaining the message at his last meal/ they said the pain he couldn't feel, like he was numb/ lived by dedication perseverance and no guns/ perception is reality/ it ain't about salary/ use your third eye and study how you see/ so nasty that it's somewhat of a travesty/ piss on the sidewalk/ broke glass in the streets/ then he told em you can call me your majesty/ The Super obviously dead bent/ out for every red cent/ hell bent on crushing microphones when he's home alone/ playing Isaac Hayes in a daze/ hallucinogenic induced craze/ seeking through the maze/ inspiration in the air/ all the hippies cut off their hair but I don't care/ the 6 was a 9 but I'm still fine, traveling through my minds eye/ let's see what we find/ I'm going mad/ little miss sunshine in a bag/ Im useless but not for long the future is coming on/ don't stress, do what you love fuck the rest
Track Name: T.H.U.G.
DarkoTheSuper take me to your computer/ quick to prove that he not no loser like me neither/ stay leaning like the tower of Pisa/ off the heezer on the microphone gizmo/ the sicko psycho caught up in this vicious cycle/ Michael Andrews on the boards of this mad world/ Darko get the money like curls/ and he got hits for dat ass/ could do the flips and the raps/ multifaceted/ the super on the mic's like The Spleen and flatulance/ or the blue raja and a fork/ forget your Pepsi endorsement you little dork/ out of place like Mork from planet Ork/ come through absorb the sound/ roll around tagging up the town like a thug, tony hawk underground/

Laser effects and thunder sounds when I come around, like green day, the peeps say: do yah thing Darko/ the super'll flow till the bars closed/ and they kick him out/since a sprout been writing rhymes/ with the same hand he use for fighting crime/ by night the masked vigilante/ find him in yah older sister's room raiding panties/ fancy that/ blank man with a bed sheet on his back/ awe snap, some cats call him D/ wanna see him rap? Yah best to pay a fee/ at least a few G's/ only in it for the money like the mothers of invention/ every Saturday morning could find him in detention/ with John bender/ return to sender/ cos Elvis Presley ain't got no soul/ Jimmi Hendrix is Rock and roll/
Track Name: How Can I Be Sure?
High off inspiration/ my mind is full of Satan's/ I'm patiently waiting for a track to explode on/ front and get rolled on/ till my souls gone off this earth/ I'll flip a verse which is my universe/ cos Im food for the worms/ live and let search/ your of value and worth/ feeling like Kurt with a shotgun in a greenhouse/ poetry doubt and pain/ some say love left em slain/ or was he even sane who's to blame/ nothing's changed/ everyone wants to be free from the rain/ but it's jobs to leave you drained/ morbidly life is but a game/ don't hate the player/ money ain't your savior/ won't find nothing greater than happiness/ tried and got bent like a wet cigarette now she's coming after me with the butterfly net/ black cat wrapped with the road map to hell/ it's all a trap no antidote to save yourselves/ wrote this in my mental cell block/
bubble boys shell shocked/ rock a chain round his ankle/ ain't notice they're shackles/ courtesy of Mr. Asshole sitting in his castle judging everyone from fear to love all of the above/
Track Name: Girl, You're My World
Darko keep it fresh/ what's your interests?/ hey that's a nice dress/ look better on the floor though/ you get the door I'll start the porno/ I know what yah thinking freaking in the back of my Lincoln continental/ playing Dilla instrumentals/ paint a motion picture picture in yah mind/ Isley brothers spinning to the crack of my spine/ lost track of time/ bring it back come rewind/ while I think up some rhymes/ keep it shiny/ known as the winey slimey Blimey, find me/

Darko keep it funky/ just like the brass monkey/ used to watch play boy bunny's now he's moved on to sunny/ Darko get the money and flip it with his honey while the kids watch Doug funny/ day dreaming cos real life's crummy/ always threw me off when she told me donkey punch me/ Im like any who's/ she probably played that game with plenty fools/ still drop jewels though/ with the smooth flow that's cooler than cool joe/ never went gold or triple plat or wore a jimmy hat just busted on the titty fat
Track Name: Poison Apples
They're passing out poison apples in the city/ the mental shackles ain't flimsy/ taking medicine to feel pretty/ but it ain't working/the tyrants stay jerking the chain/ till nothing remains but the pain/ couldn't be washed away by the rain/ yah can't buy change/ try anything to keep themselves sane/ but it only fans the flame/ screw loose in their brain/ hiding in the maze/ Gods unwanted children filling in the blanks/ as the arc sank/ shaw shank the cynic/ paint the image while pimping the stress/ till angst pays off/ you're not your bank account or your day job/ with the lights off it's more dangerous/ Evans got a gun and he's aiming it/ at himself/ when I die fuck that I don't wanna go to hell/ they say sell yourself don't be a fool/ follow the rules and drink the punch/ in school the bathrooms where he ate his bagged lunch/ live for the funk if you must/ were just food for worms/ fallen out the poison apple back into the dirt/ chasing after a feeling of worth/ to be of value/ love doesn't come with a how to/ learn for it's too late/ and the worms ate your screw face
Track Name: Looking For A Loop
Looking for a loop so I can flip the script/ whipping up some truth so I can hit a lick/ gotta get the papes with these tapes I make/ I be that fat face with the phat bass/ in yo record store/ got some $1 vinyls but I need some more/ peep the new arrivals for some Zappa/ Oingo Boingo, Devo or DOOM my favorite rapper/ need some more doo wop in my collection/ plus I found some Jimmi Hendrix's/ electric lady land/ after I flip this I'm a chop up some Kenny Vance, and the planotones/ inspired by Lootpack Da Antidote/ Michael Jackson 45s/ Dave Mason playing live/ welcome to Detroit the instrumental version/ hurting for that new donuts box set/ trying to find some rare beck/ loop the beat give me a mic so I can catch wreck/ spinning Johnny Mathis singing bout his hoes/ or bumping Madlibs medicine show/ it's all about the inspiration and creating/ building 'cross the nation/ DangerDoom in rotation/ the Isley brothers then the mothers of invention/ did I mention Herman's hermits and the rascals/ then I got the easy rider soundtrack to sample/ use some VSTs yah might end up on BET/ cos the labels gotta get it cleared before your on a tv screen/ yah need a buck stack fuck that/ I need some wax and mixcraft/ hit em with them live effects/ then it's on to the next/ Doc Heller cassette in the tape deck/ opposite of safe sex, we mad raw/ shut your jabber jaw/ and put on some Frankie laine/ filtered and phased for your bugged brain/ looking for action like that band Sweet/ yah best to pay transaction for my damn beats/ slanging CDs out the jeep Cherokee/ merrily I dig in the crates and the boxes/ I never fake and I'm never gonna stop it/ so quit with that library static and crackle/ and find some real records to sample
Track Name: Love Gives You Wings (Take The Dive)
Took a walk and passed your house late last night/ all the shades were pulled and drawn way down tight/ from within the dim light cast two silhouettes on the shade/ oh what a lovely couple they made/ put his arms around your waist held you tight/ kisses I could almost taste in the night/ wondered why I'm not the guy who's silhouettes on that shade/ I couldn't hide the tears in my eyes that day/ maybe cos I'm too afraid to say what I feel/ played it out in my mind reel to real/ only if me and satan made a deal/ maybe she'll be mine/ write her lines of poetry like Knox overstreet to Chris Noel/ dive deep inside my soul/ that I don't wanna sell/ lost control and rang your bell/ I knocked and knocked till two strangers said to my shock/ you're on the wrong block/ rushed down to your house with wings on my feet/ to declare my love for you my sweet/ asked if you would go with me to be two silhouettes on the shade/ for the rest of our days/ and to my surprise she replied with a kiss/ I could've died with her lips on mine/ she taught me how to fly cos we all have wings but some of us don't know why/ now were fingerprinting with the open sky

Nothing's better than love it's a hell of a drug/ it's hallucinating ways got me lost in this maze
Track Name: To Be Free
There's a heaven for a g/ plenty of fish in the sea/ searching for peace behind the smoke screen/ papa don't preach/ hope seems to reach its peak at my low self esteem/ won't help your greed/ you bleed for all of these/ I dream to be free/ from my self, my health, my wealth, my hell/ where my demons dwell/ afraid of seeking help/ so I keep it all inside till it becomes an ulster/ my minds filled with vultures/ cultures weren't opinions when I was an alien/ plunger with an eye in its hands/ time traveling/ unrattled and, battling sanity/ caught up in it vanity/ tragedy strikes/ shaking as he held the mic/ forgot his verse/ tried to stop the earth from spinning/ fell on his faith brushed it off and kept grinning/ in this world of sin/ all alone looking for a friend/ all by himself with his thoughts in his head/ lost in the stress/ another victim of society/ said it'd be alright but they lied to me/ cos I've fallen and I can't lift my spirits up/ they don't care cos they ain't hearing us
Track Name: The Wickedest (Feat. Cauzndefx)
Darko's the wickedest/ with the buttery slickness/ fictitious monkey flipping with the funky rhythm that I'm kicking twisted with the purple tangerine/ my words will blast the scene to abstract smithereens/ acid dazed Alex grey/ Alice in the maze/ modern day Picasso/ Ronald stoppable in bueno nacho/ hold the mic like the devils lasso/ rage against Mr. Asshole/ Darko with the jet engine on his head/ falling to his death/ running like a flaming pig/ saving kids from The Lizard/ flip it like the wizard Leonard Powers/ dream face in the meteor shower/ hour glass exile/ fresh style with the rhyme schemes/ stay a while in this pipe dream/ you know my steez/ best believe we the illest/ watch yah talking bout Willis?/ have yah screaming The Super tried to kill us/ it don't stop won't stop stop can't stop/ young Zappa on stage watch the panties drop
Track Name: Sounds Of Love
Condom on the playground in elementary school/ friends knew what it was so they thought they were cool/ I didn't know what sex was till fourth grade/ now I got techniques for the for-play/ to get her in the mood/ when it's just me and you/ speakers playing Blu/ staying true/ put something on that ring finger/ make me her favorite emcee and soul singer/ tape slinger out the back pack/ heart shaped flap jacks with our initials/ make it official/ she hates when I play swisha house but that's okay/ she's more into hard rock and Mary J/ we could be the modern day Mickey and Mallory/ it ain't about salary perception is reality/ share our philosophies/ lost in this oddessy/ playing video games/ clementine and Joel waiting for the train/ the spotless minds eternal sunshine/ internal wise/ smiling inside/ sorry for all the times I stay up till 2 AM writing rhymes/ caught up in this drug called love/ dust off the record eq the drums/ let's have some fun
flipped this one for you/ it's the new/ twist it up what it do/ bruises on the fruit tender age in bloom/ my flower/ you gave me these special powers

Love drunk out my mind
Room spinning running out of time
Tripped and fell at the finish line
Sleeping in slime and I just got signed
Track Name: Sky's The Ceiling
Word to the biggie poster on my wall/ posers shut your broken jaw/ all hope is gone but let me float on/ the voices in my head wrote this song/ so blame them if you don't feel it/ the venom I must conceal it/ not a cynic or a realist/ still wish I was Tom Byron or Slim rhyming in 98/ at the end of the day fucking Sasha grey and sunny lane/ and since the money came, no wait I'm still fucking broke/ and still think Drake's a fucking joke/ Darko with the runny nose flow, yah came close but no pack of smokes/ yelling how they smacking hoes/ selling bags of coke/ and even if it was true still wouldn't be fracking dope/fuck their pop culture reference and whoever endorse em/ I'll make you twins with the headless horsemen/ sickest honkey this side of the wonky factory/ dig it it's a funky masterpiece/ feel the wrath of the beat/ pass the beef/ Darko leave em fried proper/ the mind swapper/ yah girls spine doctor/ get yah shine box chakra/ when the rhymes drops shock yah back to life/ back to trife dealings/ the sky's the ceiling/
Track Name: Duke Logo
Rappers got sugar in their tail pipes/ I come through in the pale night/ outa sight/ flipping words like Vanna White/ the super in spandex tights/ the back of the cape say Darko/ questioning reality like don waun demarco/ all these fingers twist the knobs proper/ hob Knobber feel em in yah heart chakra/ not a chart topper/ which dart shot yah/ start shit stopper/ be a smart shopper/ and buy this limited cassette/ after your done being hustled pass the mic off to the left/ Wild West style fest/ y'all best to duck down/ fresh to death pencil neck from Tebet to bucktown/ heard he went underground to conduct his experiments/ eat a rapper a day and sell the muffed up excrements/ in increments you know the regiment give him the microphone instrument or face detriment/ straight out the Old Testament/ no fear of god only the devil/ every time he sees a duke logo he trembles/ the rebel out to clear the slate/ in all the nearest states/ free steady b/ don't settle for normalcy/ the mainstream breeds mediocrity and banality/ leave wack emcees with a fatality/ thinking its all about salary/ get back to life back to reality/ stapling Malcolm x to my wall/ I don't believe in the law like Steven Segal/ win lose or draw I'm a flip up the loops and keep it raw
Track Name: The Maze (Play From Your Heart)
Kill me now or forever hold your peace with cold feet/ I got beef with myself, been to hell and back/ I feel bad for anyone who never went insane/ I'm deranged and sick with the world to the point I hurl/ all over my mind/ they say to take these pills and ill be fine/ they'll never understand why/ they won't let me live my life/ just writing rhymes bout being suicidal/ I'm a loser in denial/ changing my style/ rearranging my smile/ don't worry I hate you too/ your so vain you probably think I wrote it all for you/ the bogus poetry I live for/ jumping out the 666th floor/ cos I cant handle rejection/ my murder wont be senseless/ they say Im a schizo but what do they know/ pushing myself out the window to see where we float/ back to planet ogo/ thanks for you hope but I won't need it/ my secret's I'm a suicide chump/ my only friends in my head and she wants me to jump/ so let's meet fate/ bet I'll sleep great/ I'm a maniac/ a psychopath/ but am I on the right path/ in this human race I feel dead last/ or was I never alive/ the worlds a dream I created so I'm saying bye to my thoughts and ideas/ hello to reality I'm right here/ waiting with open arms/ I'll catch you and free you from harm/ such a charming angel/ a guns too messy if you want I can hang you/ they might not find you till you smell/ but by then you're soul'll be in hell/ at least that's what they say/ but believe me suicides the only way/ out this maze/ you could pray for change but I doubt that god will hear/ a product of fear like you/ stand on this chair let me tighten the noose/ till your face is blue/ no more contemplating and debating/ satan is waiting/ you could be the one to challenge the throne/ you were once the ape throwing the bone/ now its time to show these false prophets what you can do/ it's all in your imagination it's all up to you/ you control these realms/ time to raise hell till were up to heaven/ and on the seventh day/ she'll notice that our letter has came/ the face from your dreams/ the one describing what you have seen/ by that time you'll be god/ I know it all must seem odd/ but it's true/ the prophecy has been told and it chose you...

But why me? I'm nothing special/ besides how could I kill the devil/ it was only a dream/ you must be crazier than me/ open up your third eye and maybe you'll see/ but what if the prophecy for seen was false/ you're nothing more than a thought/
I told you not to take that medicine/ you're just gonna let em win?/ these people deceived you/ No the evil is see through/ Im sorry world but I ain't leaving you/ not yet at least and not like this/ on the solo tip it's time to ditch the side kick of the mind/ sanity is what I search to find/ can't keep running away/ while I'm here might as well have some fun in the maze
Track Name: Down And Out (Everything's Gonna Be Better For You)
Winding down/ down and out/ drown the clouds in the sea of dreams/ see it float down the stream/ it seems so beautiful/ anywhere we go still ask for the usual/ ain't a damn thing changed/ but the amount of pain/ spiraling down the drain/ break my face on through the other side/ losing my once sane mind/ trying to find truth but loves benign/ my soul sucked dry/ too dumb to try suicide so I'm stuck on this earth/ for what it's worth dying out/ flying south so they can simmer my soul/ all the glitter ain't gold/ they're bitter and old/ euthanize my brain/ living life as a stain on the shirt of society/ I'm a loser undeniably/ nightmare hippy bogus poetry all up in my head/ is it all a dream or am I really dead?/ I lost my bag of sunshine at the age of nine and since then haven't been fine/ losing balance in this malice fallacy/ as I sit and drink pennyroyal tea/ some find it a joy to be alive/ others envy love ones who have died/ and when that sun don't shine/ the Heavenly Father will rise/ cos life's a bitch and then you fly/ as the sky opens up and let's go of what's holding us back/ plant the seeds and watch the love hatch/ in this ruff draft/ make me jump back and cut myself...

Fuck hell/ breaking out this mental cell/ rebel yell/ only time will tell as it dwells in the dark halls of never/ falling for forever/all for the better/ don't fret/ 10 steps forward 5 back/ mind warped to find cash/ get rich or try dying/ leave smiling/ off this planet/ no need to panic/ cos there'll be so much to look forward to/ everything'll get better I promise you/ accept love over fear/ the year of the escaped prisoner/ hate mongering sinister/ self help minister/ hustling his thoughts/ brain washed mistaking it for being taught/ enlightened/ fighting satan my everlasting enemy/ trying patience buffering memories/ flushed away in this ugly day/ trying to survive and never die while I'm alive/ 6 million ways sorry to say that I give some a try/ but I'll be alright everything'll be fine/ it'll be okay/ harvested love only comes after rain/ we'd be nothing/ without the pain and suffering/ so even though that yah fed up/ yah gotta keep your head up
Track Name: Special (Super Hoe)
The Super from a future that will no longer exist/ chop it up flip it and save it to a disc/ you know who, It's Darko/ do it for the baby girl like Flint Marko/ see how far this go/ blow up on some what's this button do?/ emcees is fronting too/ tell me something new/ the Dark One come more live than your whole crew/ come through and dig the sound/ crowd around the fly profound underground vigilante emcee who got you on the mound/ gonna break my face on the sweet sunshine/ let the beat unwind/ find myself in the raw lyrics/ in the mist of the fallen spirits/ non existent like the sample clearance/ producers always asking if I know Tyler Durden/ get your head spun back like curses on the clean version/ don't take no apple from the serpent/ searching for a purpose in this crazy world get in where yah fit in/ stuck in this prism/ gone fishing on a mission/ drop jewels philosophical/ sick to they head piece/ flip the fresh beat/ with a rhyme to blow your mind like robots and contradictions/ used his last wish for more wishes/ spitting till I pronounce more hits than an ounce no doubt/ take the route less traveled/ in this bout the best battled/ god the devil hell heaven/ fear and love beginning to the ending/ the spectrum of human emotion/ as I propose this notion/ thought provoking/ in this opus, the poet bring the ruckus/ the super ain't nothing to fuck with/ you know the deal/ the mind determines what's real/ and the body follows/ till the skull is hollow/ I'm only deep enough to know that I'm shallow/ getting fat off my own fear/ cut of my ear for happiness and love/ as sadness floods my thoughts/ losing all the time yah bought/ fought for yah right but they spit in yah face/ break me out this cage full of rage/ so I can lace the mic/ my game is tight/ yah lames just bite/ bring out the girls lets have a mud fight/ it's the crooked letter/ hooks are extra/ don't care if yah living a movie the book was better/ let's get it straight you's a feather weight/ Darko got them heavy tapes/ hustling beats to get plenty papes/ drank the Henny straight couldn't afford to cop an apple juice let alone a beat break/ for Pete's sake/ take the leap of faith/ off the face of the planet/ and if they asked who pushed yah tell em it was Darko the mothafuckin' Super got dammit!