Water & Metal (Feat. Dudley Perkins)

by DarkoTheSuper

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"Water and Metal are the key elements of Time Travel.

Water is the barrier element for the construction of Time Portals used as gateways between Universes as the Tangent Vortex.

Metal is the transitional element for the construction of Artifact Vessels."


Ever since God dropped the planet on my head
I've been brain dead as Zed
Fed like the vegetables, grow up big and strong
Walking with the dinosaurs on your front lawn
Jesus was a joker and a midnight smoker
Playing poker with your bulldogs
Momma cooked the breakbeat with no hog
It's gonna be a good day
Searching for a better way out my thoughts
Lost as John Locke
They're stuck inside a box
Stranded in suspended animation
Met her at the train station
She must be brave as satan
To fuck with the God
Filthy devil get the fuck out the fog
See it clearly now
Some praise cows, some eat beef
Serve em with bacon as a number 3 meal
What's the deal
A piece of paper don't mean much to me
Another means of currency
Use of transportation
Puts food in yah mouth that's amazing
Don't know what they injected in it, but it sure tastes great
Ignorance is bliss, led blind by your faith
Got a place to sleep and it ain't covered by leaves
Got a family that loves me and I ain't cast at sea
So I guess I'm doing alright
Got my hearing and eye sight
Living in the future
Modified to be Super
Computers and other technological advances
Chances are, we're all star dust
Parallel dimensions through a touch
Create alternate universes with merely an idea
Across the sphere progression is always being made
Genetically mutated animals to graze
Information slaves
Birth to a new craze
Young spirit speak on that
Young spirit speak on that


released 02 September 2014
Produced by Doc Heller



all rights reserved


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